Monday, January 22, 2018
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Paul Ryan Unconcerned With Petition to Remove Health Insurance For Congress. Says Smears Wisconsin Cheese Over Body “To Cure All Ailments” – Satire

JANESVILLE, WI — The following two sentences are true and not satire: A petition demanding the removal of health...

Trump Rally Supporters Thankful For ACA as Mindless Cheering Takes Toll on Body and Soul – Demand Repeal of Obama Care. Satire

Trump rally supporters
HARRISBURG, PA - President Trump had another campaign rally on his 100th day in office and many of his supporters...

Chris Christie Gives Trump’s First 100 Days a “B”: Says He Eats Meatloaf Everyday Now – Satire

Chris Christie Thinks About Meatloaf
TRENTON, NJ - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gives President Trump a "B" for his first 100 days in...

Obama Returns! Plans to Challenge Abe Froman For Sausage King of Chicago – Satire

Barack Obama Abe Froman Sausage King
CHICAGO — Former President Barack Obama returned to Chicago after an extended vacation to French Polynesia. Obama appeared recharged...

EPA Chief Pruitt Visits Oil Refinery on Earth Day, “Loves that Sulfuric Smell of Industry” Satire

EPA Pruitt Earth Day
TULSA, OKLAHOMA — On Earth Day 2017 EPA Chief Scott Pruitt visited an oil refinery in his home state...

Hawaiian Nightmarchers Put Curse on Jeff Sessions After Belittling “Island in the Pacific” Comment – Satire

Jeff Sessions Worries About Curse
HONOLULU, HAWAII, A STATE IN THE UNITED STATES — US Attorney General Jeff Sessions belittled Hawaii by saying, "I...

White House Easter Egg Roll: New York Kid With Diabetes Tells Trump “Forgetta ‘Bout Da Chocolat, Gimme Summa Dat Obama Car” Satire

White House Easter Egg Roll
WASHINGTON DC — Happy Kids rolled eggs down the lawn this morning at the annual White House Easter Egg...

Dad has “a good story to tell” and “very much wants to tell it” but wants immunity from the kids first. Satire

PORTSMOUTH, NH - Nick Morris, father of four, says he has a "good bedtime story to tell, and I...