Trump’s Bad Smelling Gas Real Reason Melania Has Been Avoiding White House — Satire

NEW YORK – Close confidants to the First Lady revealed that she has been avoiding the White House because evidently the president suffers from horribly obnoxious smelling gas when he is there. Melania has reportedly said, “I don’t know if it is Washington DC’s food or just the stress, but Donald’s farts smell like orange chicken gone bad when he is in the White House.”

President’s Farts are Normal at Mar-a-Lago

When President Trump travels on his weekly vacation to Mar-a-Largo, his gas problems return to a normal smell, which for him American Buffoons has unfortunately learned firsthand, smells uncannily like a Carl’s Jr Big Country Breakfast Burrito. Apparently this distinctive fart smell of the president’s is not a problem for Melania or the rest of his family, as they visit Mar-a-Lago regularly. “That’s just Donald’s normal smell — we are all used to it,” Melania has apparently told a good friend.

Some Are Saying President’s Bad Smell Could Be From White House Sous Chef’s Sauce

One of the White House sous chefs is from New Orleans and reportedly has been sprinkling his grandma’s secret sauce into the president’s food. A person from New Orleans familiar with the secret sauce says that most people love the stuff, but “the secret sauce can reveal your soul, and if the devil is inside of you when you imbibe the sauce then you’re going to smell like the devil outside of you when you digest the sauce.”