Henceforth, Trump to Only Appear As Wizard of US As Administration Continues Path Toward Orwellian Future. Satire

Donald Trump Wizard
Wizard of US

WASHINGTON DC – The government announced today that President Trump would henceforth only appear in public as the Wizard of US. The administration said Trump’s image would be frozen in time as fitting for a totalitarian ruler who has no equal and who will rule for all eternity.

Trump appearing as the Wizard of US is the next logical step for a government with a Congress that has been constructing laws in secret, a State Department banning reporters, and an administration holding secret press briefings that leave the public no access to pursue truth and accountability.

Words Issued by the Wizard of US Will Have No Meaning

The government has changed the United States into a world where words issued by the president on Social Media have different meanings than the same exact words, in the same exact order, mean for other members of the administration or for the president himself. The Wizard of the US, according to White House sources will also have words that are meaningless, but will also be considered US law. Anyone disobeying the meaningless words or contradicting the words by calling them lies will be sent to the Syrian front to battle the Russians, our enemy and the Wizard of US’s best friends.

If you want out of this dystopian nightmare click your heels three times and say “There’s no place like impeachment” every day after calling your Representative or Senator and pleading with them support the United States of America and the Constitution before their own political party.